All about the Base: Some Upgrades we Chose for Our New Home and Why.

I’ve been really quite over here for the past month and for that I apologize! I’ve started a new job and I have been taking the time to settle in, and well, change my entire life! In the past few months the trajectory of my families future has changed, and for the better! A newContinue reading “All about the Base: Some Upgrades we Chose for Our New Home and Why.”

Apartment Life as a Fam of Four!

It has somehow been over ONE MONTH since we made the move to our temporary apartment home. When we first decided to sell our home (see my very first blog for all the details why) we knew in this market there was a high chance of it selling quickly. So we made the simple statementContinue reading “Apartment Life as a Fam of Four!”

Go ahead, Change All the Lighting!

If you’re not familiar, when you choose to build a home through a large builder in a neighborhood they will send you to their Design Center to select all your finishes. Everything from brick colors to paint, countertops, and flooring. So the options you are presented with are the only options you have until you’reContinue reading “Go ahead, Change All the Lighting!”